March 31,2014 General Conference

Well this week was kind of a slow week. OR atleast it seemed really slow.

However, we did receive a great compliment. Sr. Bouchard, mother of Garry Smith who is a returning member with whom we are working, thank us perfusly for helping out her son. Garry HAd a birthday party a few weeks ago which we were able to attend, and he told us, quote, ” This is the best birthday that I’ve ever had.” Sad that it was teh best birthday that he had ever had, but it was wonderful that he was able to have a very enjoyable birthday.

This week is general conference, the weekend which we are able to listen to the voice of a prophet of God, God’s apostles, and His authorized servants and leaders who have been set apart in God’s authorized manner.
As a missionary, as one who has been set apart to be His servant, I must encourage you to listen to these great men of God. We had the most wonderful occasion to sit and listen to teh voices of Bishop Gerald Causee, and Elder Niel A. Anderson last week, and this week we will all have the chance to listen to them, and feel the Spirit of God. and receive personal revelation. What a great privilage this is! To listen to God’s servants, who speak His words; therefore, it is the same (according to the scriptures), that is we will be listening to God’s words, as it doesn’t matter whther they come from Him directly, or from His servants, as they are guided by the Holy Ghost.

Sorry, sometimes I get excited talking about things. 🙂

I’m staying in Hochelaga for another transfer, another 6 weeks, and Thierry was confirmed last Sunday. I’m looking forward to this week. Transfers are always a great time to rethink things and start anew. They’re a great time to make the determination to be a little bit better, a little bit more efficient.

I Love you all, I hope you all know that.
I pray for you; God is mindful of you.

Your Friend,
Elder Russell Pilling